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Leadership Team

Andrew Matlock, CEO

Andrew's a writer, doodler, composer, and lots of other fun things when he's not busy being a corporate stooge. But stooge life is alright, because the captain of the ship can hoard all the credit when things go accidentally right. Like a greedy little piggy.

Tim Nosal, CTO

We stole Tim from prior stints at BlackBerry and Zynga, and good thing! Our CTO makes sure the snack jars are always full. As a very small side note, he also oversees all development operations - placing us at the forefront of global programming proficiency.

Lynn Forgeron, CFO & COO

Our CMA formerly ran financial oversight of a $100 million incubator system, but unfortunately forgot to bring the cash with her. But it's okay, because Lynn's knowledge of management, systems, finance, and operations are second to none.

Rani Lian, Partner

Rani is best-known for eccentric investment tactics, self-obfuscating code, chronic back pain, and unbound friendship. He's renowned for his dismissal of all plot structures, preferring to focus on the value of special effects.

Hammad Zaidi, Partner

Hammad's our mover and shaker down in L.A. - being a film & TV distributor, a best friend to everyone he meets, a partner in a global microchip conglomerate with gross sales in excess off $250 million, and most important, a father to twin daughters.

Dave Pender Crichton, Partner

Dave's the team grandpa, but really he's the youngest at heart. His star-studded, global career is more travelled than a sailor on shore leave: he's appeared on various television shows, in children's animation, video games, and numerous Fortune 500 ads.


Who we like

We look for social, self-starting generalists. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and portfolio link with your application.

Industry is currently seeking experienced software developers. Successful candidates will enjoy creative problem solving, hobby programming, and have notable experience with Javascript, C#, and node.js.

How to apply

Please submit all applications electronically to:

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