• GeeWunder.com
    GEE WUNDER Genre: Hip Hop
    Location: Toronto

    As a Toronto hip-hop veteran, Gee's musical achievements are numerous. He also performs professional roles as a network programmer at Much Music, and at his music label and beat factory business.
  • PerfeckStrangers.com
    Location: Toronto

    Perfeck Strangers is the joining of Canadian hip-hop superstars Promise and Dan-e-o. Their rhythm, melodies, and socially-aware lyrics are steamrolling their way through the mainstream.
  • Kareem on Wikipedia
    KAREEM RUSH Genre: Top 40, R&B
    Location: Los Angeles

    Kareem is famous as an NBA journeyman and veteran of teams such as the Lakers, Bobcats, 76'ers, and Pacers.

    Industry is proud to unleash Kareem's pitch-perfect musical career into the R&B and Top 40 genres.
  • The City online
    THE CITY Genre: Dance, Electro
    Location: Toronto

    The coupling of Gee Wunder and Juno-nominated Cory Lee bring this fire-hot electro-fusion to life.
  • JonathanGeer.com
    JONATHAN GEER Genre: Soundtracks
    Location: Austin

    Jonathan is the preeminent mainstream composer of film, TV, and games. His musical sensibilities allow him to compose for any and all genres, with a flare for the epic and cinematic.
  • TheCobrahawks.com
    THE COBRAHAWKS Genre: Hard Rock
    Location: Toronto

    The band is named after the vicious little-tikes soccer team of 2005. Now, the teammates honour those legendary battles by performing some of the most savage dance moves and ravishing riffs ever to grace planet Earth.

    They're currently working out and watching Prince music videos.
  • Ec1ectic on SoundCloud
    EC1ECTIC Genre: Electro, Drum & Bass
    Location: Brighton

    Ec1ectic is the stage alias of Chris McLean, the British electro / dance DJ renowned for his club-fueling beats and brilliant covers.