Action & Sports

  • ZIP ZAP Using your space kid's invincibility shield, tap into asteroids to stop them before they destroy your ship.
    Help Master Tigress leap from lantern to lantern, soaring to great heights into the sky.
    Aid the legendary Master Monkey as he jumps and kicks targets.
  • PARTYBOAT: CARIBBEAN CRUISE The sequel to the hit Xbox Live game challenges captains to steer their party yacht into Caribbean harbors.
  • THE COBRAHAWKS Save the concert and everyone's favourite rock band from obsessed groupies, using powerful soundwaves from your guitar.
  • EGYPTIAN CRYPT Find your way to the ancient relic room by overcoming darkness and the creatures of the tomb.
  • PIRATE BOUNTY Swipe your finger through flying objects to prove your prowess as a swashbuckling swordsman.
  • STEVEN JACKSON: RUSH An NFL running back with over 10,000 yards deserves his own game. Jump into Steven's shoes and carry the team to victory.
  • HANLEY RAMIREZ: HOME RUN DERBY Star hitter Hanley Ramirez of the Los Angeles Dodgers is here to hit some homers... with your help.
  • MAYA MOORE'S SHOT CLOCK Hot shot basketball player Maya Moore of the WNBA is ready to light the net on fire!
  • ALEX MORGAN'S SHOOTOUT Sharpshooter kicker Alex Morgan, America's most beloved soccer forward, is letting you take the driver's seat.
  • SIMON DUMONT: FREESKI Simon's pioneered the sport of freestyle skiing with some daring stunts, so let's see if you can match his bravery.

Kids & Puzzle

  • FIND THE DIFFERENCE Join Petey on a journey around the world, discovering differences between similar illustrations.
  • COLOR IT IN: CITIES Enjoy this digital coloring book featuring illustrations from the past, present, and future.
  • HAPPY SLICE It's a magical hot air balloon ride, and you get to slice through flying objects for the high score.
    Jim Henson and PBS Kids help present this interactive version of the classic children's game "Red Light Green Light", based on their world-famous "Sid the Science Kid" television series.
  • FLYING WITH BUDDY Jim Henson and PBS Kids take us to the land of the hit TV series "Dinosaur Train", where Buddy and friends collect shells while sailing over the pre-historic landscape.
  • MAD HOPS It's Charlie the rabbit versus Trunk the elephant in this cartoon, basketball game for kids. It's great for hand-eye development among young sports enthusiasts.
  • HUBIE THE FLAT BALLOON Aid Hubie in his quest to join his balloon friends on Cloud 9 without losing altitude.
  • MATCHING MONTY Monty helps children improve concentration and hand-eye coordination in this symbol-recognition and matching game.
  • GO BANANAS Use your slingshot to shoot bananas in this exciting extension of the MoKool Apps "Going Bananas" franchise.
  • FRANTIC FOSSILS Use your archaeology skills to unearth dinosaur bones before your opponent in this frantic puzzle game.
  • FLIP TWISTER In a unique twist on the classic matching game, test both your cognition and your spatial awareness.
  • FLIP TWISTER KIDZ The kiddie version of the addictive puzzle game helps tikes master their matching skills.
  • LARD VS. THE PEACE MAZE Help Lard find his way through amazing hedge mazes to recover his eccentric dog Waffles! Based on the beloved UK children's franchise for kids and adults alike.
  • PHOTO RECALL Use your memory to assemble cut-up photos in this fresh take on puzzles.
  • PHOTO RECALL CLASSIC Unscramble photos in this highly-addictive twist to the puzzle genre.