Creating what's next.

We develop powerful products for emerging trends.

Industry Corporation is a multinational development company. Beginning as a game studio, we've grown to offer sophisticated platforms that serve global markets. Our solutions help businesses interface with their customers – with beautiful presentations, better strategy, and intelligent tools.

Spark Platform | Exportal Platform | Video Games

Design and control any screen

Interactive and non-interactive screens
Spark powers Android tablets, terminals, kiosks, digital signage, video walls, and more.

Design custom interfaces
Drag and drop widgets, apps, and assets to produce the perfect user experience, across unlimited screens.

Integrate your data feeds
Automate dynamic content with live data streams.

Sell to the world

Help sales personnel target foreign revenues
Exportal is a visual directory, equipped to inform export strategies in any language.

Curate the best market intelligence
Whether it's your private intel or public data, the dashboard presents critical information for real sales.

Make it your own
For incubators, governments, and private businesses, Exportal is a white label solution ready for your brand identity.

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